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I did not, however, admit that Lillys story of the drug is based on fact, nor did I admit to any illegal conduct

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Equality of outcome must be enforced at the expense of everything else.

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A GE flashlight bulb in the precartel days was designed to last longer than three changes of batteries

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director of the Alabama Sentencing Commission, an agency created by the legislature in 2000 to study

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Yes, we have a financial situation to deal with

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Ugh, I really hope Aubrey doesn’t take it all again, I didn’t understand it last year and I don’t understand it this year

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If you get bored with what one is doing, you're just two clicks away from snapping into focus in a completely different world

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Lo que me parece difcil - o imposible - es sentir una pasin o un deseo para el sexo.

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